Competitive Incentives

International and Domestic Production Incentives
Plus Tax Rebate Program for Registered Businesses

Presented by:
Qingdao Movie Metropolis (QMM), Wanda Studios, Governments of Qingdao and Huangdao, and the West Coast Development Group

qingdao incentives

1. Applications need to satisfy the following criteria:

a. Film productions:

  • Co-production films ≥ 60 minutes (IMAX and other large formats ≥ 45 minutes)
  • The Domestic Producer must have the appropriate Film/Television production permit issued by the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television (SARFT) and/or its relevant subdivisions having jurisdiction.

b. TV productions:

  • Each season ≥ 10 episodes, each episode ≥ 30 minutes
  • Permission must be attained from SARFT prior to shoot
  • Post shoot: apply for relevant permits from SARFT

c. Co-productions:

The Domestic Producer must have entered into an agreement with one or more legal entities formed outside of the People’s Republic of China pursuant to which

  • The Domestic Producer and the Foreign Producer jointly invest (including funds, labor and/or in-kind contributions) in the applicable production (usually with neither party investing more than 80%, or less than 20% of the cost of production) and jointly produce the applicable production, with both parties sharing profits and losses in accordance with their agreement (‘Co-production’ (联合摄制)); or
  • Only the Foreign Producer invests in and produces the applicable production, while the Domestic Producer provides and receives remuneration for necessary assistance to the Foreign Producer (e.g. providing equipment, facilities and labor) but no share of the copyright in the applicable production (‘Assisted Production’ (协作摄制)); or
  • The Foreign Producer fully entrusts the Domestic Producer to produce the applicable production and receive remuneration for its services, but the Domestic Producer shall have no share of the copyright in the applicable production (‘Entrusted Production’ (委托摄制));

and must have received from SARFT either a Sino-foreign joint film production permit (if the Production Agreement is for a Co-production of a Film Project) or the approval of SARFT (if the Production Agreement is for a Television Project or a Film Project and as an Assisted Production or Entrusted Production).

2. General Rules

  • Only the Chinese Domestic Producer may apply for the incentives program.
  • Qualifying Production Expenditures in the Qingdao Region (‘QQPE’) include, but are not limited to, backlot rental, stage rental, set construction, equipment rental, extras hires, food, accommodations, transportation, costume, post-production, and so on.
  • At least 50% of QQPE must be spent within the Lingshan Bay Film and TV Cultural Industry Zone (minimum percentage of spending is required in Wanda Studios, Qingdao)
  • Grants are given on a first-come, first-served basis. 40% of the QQPE, capped at 120,000,000 RMB per production.
  • The domestic producer submits the application.

3. Minimum QQPE & Cash Rebate

  • Film: Minimum QQPE ≥ 30,000,000 RMB, 40% Cash Rebate
  • TV: Minimum QQPE ≥ 30,000,000 RMB, 40% Cash Rebate

4. Required Application Materials

1) “Qingdao City Outstanding Film and TV Production Shooting Registration Form” and a preliminary approval notice from the Committee;
2) Business license;
3) Permit for theatrical release, production agreement, and local receipts received from Qingdao vendors;
4) “Qingdao City Outstanding Film and TV Production Incentives Application Form”;
5) Other necessary material.

5. Applying

  • Incentives application form required.
  • Committee issues acknowledgement of having received application.

6. Rebate

1) After the completion of production, applicant submits copies of contracts, receipts and other proofs of expenditures to the Committee Office for review.
2) The Committee Office hires a third party to review and audit the application package.
3) After receiving the permit for theatrical release, the applicant would then submit the permit to the committee for final review.
4) Incentives payment process resumes.

Business tax rebate program

Details to come soon!