With limitless options filming in or around water, Wanda Studios’ Marine Facilities destination boasts two state-of-the-art water tanks, among them Asia’s largest exterior tank coupled with Asia’s largest blue screen, as well as the only full-time underwater stage in the entire continent.

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Stats (meters) Feet Liters Gallons
Construction area
4,147 m2 44,638 ft2
Land size
2,321 m2 24,983 ft2
Tank size
21.2 x 10 x 6 m3 (1272m3) 44,920 ft2
Workshop size
1,550 m2 16,684 ft2
Capacity in liters/gallons
1,272 m3 44,920 ft3 1,272,000 336,026
Tank grid height
6,5m 21ft
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Water temperature
Filtration system
Back of house area
727m2 7,825ft2
Power specs (shooting)
200kw (including lighting and rigging) 400amp x 1 (3 phase)
Fitting points

Water Quality

Water quality meets both the International Swimming Federation (FINA) and current domestic CJ244 “Swimming Pool Water Quality  Standards” regulations. Water cleanliness is maintained using UV and chlorine for the U-stage, and chlorine only for the exterior tank.  Both tanks are filtered and maintained to accommodate production requirements.

  • Underwater Stage
  • RSJ Beam

    Enables equipment mobility and
    eases maneuverability of set pieces
    above and under water.

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water tank

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land size
6,512 m2 70,095 ft2
Deep tank size
20 x 20 x 3.6 m3 50,853 ft3 1,440,000 380,407
Shallow tank size
75 x 75 x 1.4m3 278,103 ft3 7,875,000 2,566,564
Capacity in liters/gallons
9,315 m3 328,956 ft3 11,155,500 2,946,971
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Filtration system
Power specs (shooting)
400 amp x 2 (3 pahse);200 amp x 1 (3 pahse)
Fitting points
Gantry width
2.5m 8ft
Blue Screen dimension
90 x 18 (1,620 m2) 17,437 ft 2

The Advanced water
processing system

Water cleanliness is maintained using chlorine.


In addition to the exterior water tank, the Studio offers an indoor water tank – the second in the world permanently heated – which is also filtered to accommodate production requirements. Its total volume is 1200m3 , measures one meter longer than the indoor water stage found in London. The indoor water tank has a standalone first-time fill system and remains permanently filled. The water cycle treatment period runs every 3-4 hours; and after filtration, water quality meets International Swimming Federation (FINA) and China Swimming Pool Regulation CJ244 “Swimming Pool Water Quality Standard” requirements. Sterilization methods are through UV and chlorine. The indoor water tank is consistently maintained at 32 degrees Celcius (89.6 degrees Fahrenheit). Another attribute of the indoor water tank worth mentioning is its built-in Rolled Steel Joist (RSJ) beam, also known as a lintel or girder. It enables equipment mobility, easing the maneuverability of set pieces above and under water.

4 Ways to use the
exterior water tank

  • Dry Tank <br>Only Dry Tank
  • DeepTank <br> Filled Only DeepTank
    Filled Only
  • Deep and Shallow <br> Tanks Filled Deep and Shallow
    Tanks Filled
  • Deep Tank Covered While <br>Shallow Tank Filled (Equipment Needed) Deep Tank Covered While
    Shallow Tank Filled (Equipment Needed)