Studio Operation

Wanda Studios boasts a comprehensive, first-class production services unit, a one-stop-shop helping with permits, banking needs, production needs and so much more to navigate China and Qingdao – all to ensure filming at the studios will be as easy and efficient as possible


  • Production Incentive
    Application Services

    Full assistance with lodging
    production incentives and tax
    rebate paperwork

  • Interpretation

    Film savvy interpreters who know
    the business and the
    city of Qingdao

  • Immigration &
    Working Permit Services

    Full assistance in bringing
    your cast and crew into China

  • Legal Contract

    Dedicated service providers fluent
    in Western and Eastern legal

  • Location Scouting

    Location scouts with local and
    regional knowledge

  • Logistics &

    Efficient transport of production
    gear into and out of China

  • Banking

    Assistance to set up local bank
    accounts and payroll services

Production departments

  • Set Construction

    Local, expertly trained and skilled
    labor available

  • Transportation

    From shuttle services to golf carts,
    Wanda Studios will get you where
    you are going

Why Film
With Wanda Studios

Easy and Efficient

  • Wanda Studios offers a comprehensive package that drives cost-savings across all areas of production.
  • All services are tailored to suit individual productions, customized offerings available.
  • Wanda Studios aims to ease concerns related to tax, immigration, banking, union negotiations and so on.

International Workforce

  • The strong work ethic of Qingdao film crews stand unrivalled. Expertise areas include scripting, location scouting, cinematography and photography (DoPs), costume design, stunts and lighting.
  • Qingdao boasts professional and committed specialists with international experience in almost any area.

Production Incentives

  • The Qingdao government and the Wanda Group have jointly established a RMB 5 billion Qingdao film and television industry development fund to be realized over a five year period.
  • The incentives fund invests in qualified film and television projects, offering grants to film and television content produced on the studio lot in Qingdao.

Information Security

  • Wanda Studios provides world-class security services, ensuring every production in China remains confidential, private, and fully protected from security breach and property loss.
  • The Studios strive to future proof its IT infrastructure, drawing merit from domestic and international cutting-edge techniques to build a state-of-the-art system that prevents hostile attacks.